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L’IMBARAZZO DELLA FORMA_trailer from Salvinsa on Vimeo.

L’imbarazzo della forma. Essere una forma imbarazzante e non averne nemmeno una
Essere uno nessuno centomila. Infiniti e molteplici. Regressivi. Uno era l’altro, l’altro era nessuno.

concept, film, editing SALVATORE INSANA


Sound: ACHNN – Impulsion

production DEHORS/AUDELA

The embarrassment of the form. Being an embarrassing form and having no one.
Being one, no one, hundred thousand. Infinite and manifold. Regressive. One was the other, the other was none.


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Polyphaune #17 : Bal Des Insectes by Limonadiac

Phaune Radio is a weird and exotic webradio from Montpellier France

which invited Limonadiac for a collage-show “Polyphaune #17 : Bal Des Insectes

Limonadiac is half of achnn

Thanks to Isawaaa, Marien, Clémence, Alexandra, Loïc, Laurent and Olivier

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achnn improvisation 22-02-2015

achnn-records 008_achnn-improvisation 22-02-2015

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achnn brèche



3 tracks excerpt from improvisations

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achnn vast


Improvisations recorded during the winter of 2012-2013

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achnn-soirées d’hiver and achnn-round

Two albums made few years ago
soirées d’hiver made in 2007

round made in 2008

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click image

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