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Polyphaune #17 : Bal Des Insectes by Limonadiac

Phaune Radio is a weird and exotic webradio from Montpellier France

which invited Limonadiac for a collage-show “Polyphaune #17 : Bal Des Insectes

Limonadiac is half of achnn

Thanks to Isawaaa, Marien, Clémence, Alexandra, Loïc, Laurent and Olivier


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achnn improvisation 22-02-2015

achnn-records 008_achnn-improvisation 22-02-2015

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achnn brèche



3 tracks excerpt from improvisations

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achnn vast


Improvisations recorded during the winter of 2012-2013

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achnn-soirées d’hiver and achnn-round

Two albums made few years ago
soirées d’hiver made in 2007

round made in 2008

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click image

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First released on our own netlabel

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